Monday, 25 June 2007


Nu este vorba de nici o Panama! Bate Cuba si hai sa incepem!

Imagine it's Dominica and you are Finnish after a hard working week. If you are Hungary, you should try eating a Turkey. I know it's difficult not to think at your stupid boss, but relax and try to Chile out! ... I see, seems you can't...

At least, don't use Buthan to blow out your boss!

(isi aminteste)

"Oman! It's incredible!" From the first day, he started to make fun of my Suriname. Then, because I was the youngest in the office, he gave me a lot of difficult tasks. I was always staying late in the office, extra-time of course and in the weekends always on the Russia to Finnish the papers. In a short time, my life became a Laos . My Moldavian mate told me: "Haiti bai! It's no worth!"

I decided to visit my buddy Fly. He always has some grass . And we start smokin'. Suddenly, I was somewhere at the Ecuador, on a sunny beach...clear water and some girls in red Tonga dancing in front of me. "Yemen! Yemen!" was saying my buddy Fly. "Coool! Tell me more! " But I guess I was already too high...The sun was rotating around me with an incredible speed...Fiji!...Fiji!...Fiji!...That's all I remember...

Cam atat momentan din episodul "Geografia simpatica". Fell free to continue the story!

[foto de pe]

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